From servicing customer requests to continually working to improve their experience, the customer really is at the heart of this team. The department’s focus is split between B2C and B2B customer service and account management, ensuring every customer enjoys their shopping experience with us and finds their dream product.

  • David B

    David B, Head of Operations

  • Ian M

    Ian M, Sales Executive

  • Jon OB

    Jon OB, Customer Service and Sales Manager

  • Cassie H

    Cassie H, Client Designer

  • Danielle I

    Danielle I, Client Designer

  • Jack J

    Jack J, Customer Support Executive

  • Mark J

    Mark J, Customer Support Executive

  • E Disley

    Elle D, Sales Executive

  • Zoe A

    Zoe A, Sales Executive

  • Grace R

    Grace R, Customer Support Executive