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Life at Milexa Group

Ian CS Trust

A culture of trust

Our goal is to provide and create context so people can make decisions themselves and produce great work.

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A modern workspace

Our office is purpose-built to provide a variety of spaces for different types of work, whether that requires deep thinking, collaborative workshops, or casual conversations.

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A close-knit team

Teamwork at Milexa Group is based on a shared understanding of our goals and respect for every staff member, regardless of their position in the company.

Albena D

"It is impossible to name only one thing that I love about working at Milexa Group! The culture here is amazing, from the employees to the amazing benefits to knowing that you contribute to projects and ideas that really have an impact and make a difference! Everyone is always willing to help and contribute and you know that your efforts and hard work will always get recognised. Overall the positive vibe this place has is one of a kind and its great to work for a company that truly believes in and wants to deliver on all of its values!"

Albena, Ecommerce Manager
CS Team Working
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Kitchen Area Person


Flexible working

We understand that people work differently from each other. From our working hours to our resources, we work flexibly so that you’re able to be your best self at work!


Company values

Be authentic

Be yourself. Do the right thing for Hovia. Be straightforward - no games, no politics, no bs. Trust yourself and others. Be open. Lead by example.

Make an impact

Make a positive impact for customers, team members and other stakeholders. Take ownership and accountability, always. Focus on results. Simplify. Get moving before getting it perfect. Remove barriers. Move fast towards your goals. Make it happen!

Enrich people

Collaborate. Value & actually care about others. Communicate with context, clarity & enthusiasm. Share ideas, knowledge & info freely. Be positive. Have fun and celebrate!

Raise The Bar

Strive for excellence. Always. Go beyond your comfort zone - always push forward. Be curious - never be afraid to innovate, create and challenge. Commit to and be open to change. Believe anything is possible! Think BIG!

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