Acquiring customers, product promotion and all things brand and digital are at the heart of this team. The day-to-day can vary from implementing PPC shopping ads, to search engine optimisation. Our social presence and PR campaigns are also a key focus, helping to bring our products to life and engage customers through every step of their journey.

  • Anna F

    Anna F, Marketing Executive

  • Katrin R

    Katrin R, Acquisition Manager

  • Joe R

    Joe R, Senior Paid Media Executive

  • Valentina M

    Valentina M, International Marketing Manager

  • Giada P

    Giada P, International Marketing Executive

  • Josie W

    Josie W, Ecommerce Merchandiser

  • Hannah S

    Hannah S, Brand Manager

  • Krystal

    Krystal, International Marketing Assistant

  • Albena D

    Albena D, Ecommerce Manager